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Wild Camping in Switzerland 🏕 Jura Mountains - Neuchâtel Canton (Drone Cinematic 4K)

** Subtitled in French (Video sous-titres en FR : Camping Sauvage en Suisse) What an adventure! Join me on this wild camping adventure in Switzerland! (If you like drone shots, you’re going to love this video.)

➡️ This was the first time I wild camped in the mountains. With my friend Lars, I went to the Jura mountains, a sub-alpine mountain range, and found a spot with an incredible view of the Neuchâtel Lake in the Neufchâtel canton of Switzerland. I captured the awesome time we had camping, lighting the fire, cooking, and eating delicious food.

➡️ I of course took my drone along and shot some wild cinematic images with the fog at sunset and with clear sky at sunrise. It was super windy and lost my drone which we finally recuperated after an hour and half!

💬 What was your favorite part of our wild camping in Switzerland? Let me know in the comments below.

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Thanks for watching! 💖

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