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Creux Du Van | Switzerland Rocky Canyon 4K

Subtitled in French.

Drone by Lamia Alami

The Creux du Van at dawn/sunrise is a majestic experience! It's Switzerland's natural rocky Canyon. Dimensions: 1,400 meters wide and 150 meters deep. It's located in the Val de Travers district, in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel. It is located at the heart of a protected reservation area of 15.5 km2 hence no drones are allowed. I spoke to a ranger the day before who confirmed that no drones are allowed within 35 km2. I flew my drone within the limits. This majestic place is definitely worth a visit. It is 1 of Switzerland’s natural wonders. I’ve been wanting to visit it since quite sometimes, so my friend Jade and I went the day before the area’s seasonal restaurant closed. You reach the parking lot by car then walk for less than 10 minutes to reach the cirque.


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