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Switzerland Most Epic Train . Ride To The Summit . Brienz Rothorn Vapor Train | 4K


** Subtitled in French (sous-titres en FR)

This is a must do epic train ride in Brienz (near Interlaken) in Switzerland. It's both for locals and tourists.

I had sunshine on the way up and rain/fog on the way down. Both experiences were different yet as incredible! I met great people along the way.

Overall, I had a fabulous time in this incredible piece of ancient technology.

The Brienz vapor train that takes you up to the summits (where you'll have a view of 693 mountain tops to be precise. Of course a grand view of the Swiss Alps).

The train journey is an hour up and a little less down.

The constant puff and chug of the locomotive was quite relaxing to be honest. The steam locomotive and its red carriages will transport you through verdant forests, hills, mountains, tunnels, and on towards the summit. The trip is breathtaking!

I walked few hundred meters towards a summit where I had 1 of the most incredible view: I was surrounded by mountain summits, mountain lakes, etc. I can honestly say that the panoramic view from the summit is truly unforgettable. It blew my mind. I didn't stay long because it started drizzling. The ride back was so spooky and epic! Watch until the end because you're here for a treat!

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